Our Key Members

Wayne Hibbert

MD - Global Sales

Fortitude NICSA Global

Wayne is an experienced engineer with over 15 years’ experience working for multinational manufacturing companies. He has proven his skills in leadership since starting this company and continues to show his ambitiousness and drive. His vision and goals for the future of his team is what keeps driving this company forward.

Katy Hibbert

MD - Global Operations

Fortitude NICSA Global

Katy is an experienced sales Operations manager and team leader, with over 10 years in the Global IT Support industry. She has a vast knowledge in a variety of Hardware vendors so she always knows what the customer needs.

Renzo Menendez


Fortitude NICSA Global

Renzo is the Managing Director of APAC with over 20 years of IT Engineering experience, has created and run NICSA IT who merged with Fortitude Global in 2016 to form Fortitude NICSA Global.

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