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Wireless Survey & Deployment

Project Overview

  • 48 countries serviced globally
  • 450+ onsite visits completed by our skilled technicians
  • Dedicated regional project managers assigned for in-time reporting
  • Upgrades on critical sites performed outside of local business hours for minimal disruption to the users
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Significant Challenges

Phase 1

  • Wireless Passive surveys completed pre-deployment to provide a detailed assessment of the current wireless network
  • Predictive Wireless design surveys completed using a simulated design to create recommendations and show how the wireless network will perform post-deployment
  • In-depth LAN survey document utilised to capture existing site environment –to report back existing circuit details, network port usage, data cabinet drawings, site access procedures & much more

Phase 2

  • 2000+ Wireless Access Points Deployed

  • SD-WAN cutovers completed

  • Phase 1 engineers aligned for site familiarity and consistency in results

group of employees working at computer

“I wanted to thank you and your team again for your partnership. We truly appreciate your team’s flexibility and willingness to do all that’s possible to try and accommodate our customer. Your team has been awesome, and we very much appreciate you”
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Support Solutions

Phase 1

  • 42 Countries serviced  globally in Phase 1

  • 168 onsite visits for Wireless Survey

  • Wireless survey, step 1 –Passive survey to attain detailed assessment of current wireless network

  • Wireless survey, step 2 –Predictive survey to design a highly effective deployment plan with AP positioning based on exact HW models to be deployed

  • Wireless survey, step 3 –Post-deployment survey, completed upon deployment to ensure the implemented network meets the design specifications

  • Wireless surveying tools used –

    1. Ekahau (with Sidekick)

    2.AirMagnetSurvey Pro

    3.Acrylic Wi-Fi Heatmaps

  • Office & Data Centre Locations supported

  • Existing offices surveyed along with completed e signs for new office sand relocations

  • Local Area Network surveys completed on all sites

  • Photographs of existing setup

Phase 2

  • 48 Countries serviced globally in Phase 2
  • 288 onsite visits for Wireless Access Point installations & SD-Wan test/turn-up & cutovers.
  • Additional sites added for Phase 2 (small offices that did not require a survey)
  • 2000+ Wireless Access Points Deployed
  • 80+SD-WAN devices deployed
  • Office & Data Centre Locations
  • Upgrades on critical sites performed outside of local business hours for minimal disruption to the users