Wireless Surveys

Making the most of your Wi-Fi with on-site inspections to understand how your wireless network is performing and how to maximise its effectiveness.

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About Wireless Surveys

Whether carrying out a survey prior to installing a new network or assessing an existing installation, our engineers will work in conjunction with your IT management team to discuss the project objectives, analyse the floor plan and inspect the premises before producing a survey report.

Using specialist tools to accurately scan your wireless environment our expert technicians provide a detailed report through onsite visits and surveys. We are able to give you ideas and suggestions based on the surveys we perform and we can even help you with any changes you need to make.

Multiple Ways We Can Help

  • Predictive Surveys
  • Ap On A Stick Surveys
  • Passive Surveys
  • Active Surveys
  • Post Validation Surveys 
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data allows us to Find:

  • Sources of radio-frequency interference
  • Levels of wireless coverage throughout the area
  • Signal strengths
  • Any obstacles onsite
  • The best place to install Wireless Access Points
  • Any changes that should be made to your network to boost performance

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Delve deeper into our WiFi surveys with this insightful eBook, “A Three-Stage Approach to WiFi Surveys.”

Why chose an FNG survey?

FNG is not only known for using the most experienced and highly qualified engineers but also for our relentless commitment to perfection when it comes to service and support. It is why we only use the most accurate Wi-Fi measurement and diagnostic tools on the market.

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Accuracy is key

As an approved and trusted partner of Ekahau, we use the Ekahau Sidekick as it is the most accurate Wi-Fi measurement tool on the market. Ekahau is used in over 50% of Fortune 500 companies, including the world’s biggest brands like Google, Amazon and Microsoft, as well as major events such as the Super Bowl.

It is the most advanced, all-in-one Wi-Fi diagnostic and measurement device on the market, delivering pinpoint accuracy for fast, professional results. The accuracy of the Sidekick allows our engineers to get the correct results the first time, ensuring they can calculate the right number of APs in the right location for your design.

Ekahau Sidekick

Technology that revolutionises wireless site surveys provides faster more accurate results.

  • Saves time: All-in-one Wi-Fi diagnostics and measurement makes site surveys faster and easier, minimising network deployment time.
  • Lowers costs and improves productivity: Identity, troubleshoot, and simulate Wi-Fi network issues in advance creating greater efficiency
  • Works across the entire network: All major AP vendors are compatible with Ekahau creating more choice and flexibility for your project.
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24/7 Global It Support

Covering over 160 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and America we offer a personal service on a global scale. Our expert technicians deliver state-of-the-art solutions to today’s IT challenges providing the perfect partnership to extend your team.

Hardware Maintenance

FNG provides complete IT hardware maintenance and computer repair services to extend the lifespan of your IT assets.

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Wireless Surveys

Expert inspections to understand how your site’s wireless network functions while enhancing its performance to maximise your wireless environment.

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Professional Services

With more than 6,500 engineers to call upon, we have the manpower to complement your team when you need it most, no matter the location.

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Onsite Dispatch

Rather than fly your own IT staff out to remote locations our fully qualified IT professionals provide a seamless extension to your existing team.

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Book a discovery call with the specialists at FNG and find out how we can help you with your IT requirements. Simply click the button below, choose a day and time that suits you the best and we will help!

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