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FNG are long-term strategic partners of Ekahau, we offer tailored wireless and Wi-Fi surveys throughout the UK and the world. From Predictive Surveys to AP on a Stick Surveys, our team have you covered. We’ve worked with multiple sectors including the MoD, Warehouses, Retail Stores and many more. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

We've been wi-fi specialists for over 10 years, Working With multiple business to solve their networking challenges

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So.. You're Looking For A Wi-Fi Survey?

This is probably because of one or multiples of the following:

Your current WiFi solution is clunky, slow, or not working as it should?
Your business is moving to a new building or office?
You’re looking to extend your wireless network?
Or perhaps your physical environment is complex or challenging?

Great News! FNG Have Got Your Back!

Our comprehensive Wi-Fi Surveys can help eradicate the issues that you are facing. Our team of ECSE certified Ekahau engineers can help deliver crystal clear solutions to help.

What is a Wi-Fi Survey?

A Wi-Fi Survey acts as a road map, allowing you to construct the fundamental framework of a strong and dependable wireless network.

Utilising our Ekahau WiFi analysis tools, we identify potential connectivity hurdles for your staff, such as signal interference or dead zones, and offer tailored guidance on configuring, deploying, and fine-tuning your Wi-Fi network for optimal performance.

Through this comprehensive survey, you gain crucial insights necessary for establishing a robust and consistent connection throughout your organisation.

Why Do You Need A Wireless Survey?

Saving You Money

Conducting a WiFi Survey empowers you to strategically position wireless access points, minimising redundant hardware. This focused strategy optimises wireless coverage, enhances your return on investment, and reduces support overheads.

Stop Downtime

A wireless site survey pinpoints and resolves areas with weak signal strength or interference, enabling the creation of a more dependable and robust network. This reduction in connectivity issues minimises downtime, fostering heightened operational efficiency and productivity gains for your staff.

Optimising Your Bandwith

Comprehending the utilisation of your wireless network allows you to fine-tune bandwidth allocation and optimise your network’s Quality of Service (QoS) settings. This guarantees essential applications receive adequate resources, averting congestion and latency problems. The outcome? Enhanced network performance precisely where it’s most crucial.

Better Security

WiFi Surveys additionally aid in identifying and rectifying potential security vulnerabilities, safeguarding your business from breaches that could lead to widespread disruption across the organisation.

What Are The Types Of Wireless Surveys?

Predictive Remote Design

This Wi-Fi survey is performed remotely.

Using your floorplans, our team will provide recommendations on equipment requirements and access point placement by simulating network performance.

A Predictive Wi-Fi Survey offers a quick and cost-effective estimate, though it may not identify issues with cabling routes, access point mounting, or interference.

If an onsite survey isn’t feasible, this option ensures you’re moving in the right direction.

AP on a Stick survey

This is our most thorough wireless network site survey.

Our Design Survey is performed onsite, offering a detailed assessment of your site’s unique Wi-Fi requirements.

Throughout the survey, our Wi-Fi Specialists meticulously analyse your environment using the Ekahau Sidekick 2. They assess signal loss, building structure, and potential sources of interference. This hands-on approach enables us to gather precise data, ensuring your Wi-Fi setup is precisely tailored to meet your site’s specific needs.

Troubleshooting & Remediation Survey

Also referred to as a Wi-Fi Audit, our Troubleshooting Survey is conducted onsite, concentrating on evaluating your existing network performance, pinpointing issues, and highlighting security risks.

Our Wi-Fi Specialists collaborate with you to uncover the underlying causes of your networking difficulties and offer tailored recommendations to rectify them, ensuring swift restoration of seamless connectivity.

If you aim to enhance user satisfaction and diminish support tickets, our Troubleshooting Survey is the ideal service for your needs.

Post-deployment verification survey

These types of surveys are performed after the complete network is already in place. Post-deployment surveys are used for network verification immediately after the network has been deployed, and for periodic checks to ensure the network is still operating at a required level.

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When you choose FNG to conduct your wireless survey, you can have total peace of mind knowing that it’s our team doing the job. We’ve got multiple in house ECSE and SC cleared engineers. Delivering excellence every time.

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We’re proud to have won numerous awards for delivering excellence with the services we provide. Our team are on hand right from the start of your enquiry, right up to giving you advice on the final report. We’re customer focused and are more than happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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