Docking Station Installations

Project Overview

  • Our customer wanted to install 130 brand new docking stations in their office. But they had limited time and resource which allowed them to do this as quickly as they would have liked.
  • FNG were appointed as their partner of choice and we were given specific days and installation times so that the working environment is not disrupted.
  • One of the clients main stipulations for this work is that they wanted an engineer to work on individual floors of the building at specific times to install the docking stations, but they were unable to find a partner to agree to this.
  • Our flexibility and time management were crucial on this project to ensure the client was happy and we met what they needed.
Docking Stations
Engineer Required
Percent Customer Satisfaction
10 0
Office Floors

Support Solutions

  • FNG have delivered similar projects for the customer within the USA, so the customer was aware of the flexibilities offered by FNG and working style. FNG was their first port of call as they knew we were able to deliver a reliable style of working which met their needs.
  • FNG were also able to complete this project earlier than the customers time frame, this enable the customer to see significant cost savings compared to what was expected. Subsequently the customer was delighted with the approach from FNG and the quality of the work completed.