Project Overview

  • Our customer reported to FNG that they had suffered a major cyber attack to their key infrastructure.
  • The client had already attempted themselves to start various clean up steps internally but they had several office locations that had no IT presence onsite.
  • FNG were appointed to provide our technical specialists to attend onsite locations to assist with getting the company back on track.
  • This was a brand new issue that the client had never faced before, it needed immediate action to have skilled IT infrastructure and networking specialists onsite for remediation.
Percent Immediate Issue
Weeks In Remote Locations
Percent Client Satisfaction
Physical Servers Affected

Support Solutions

  • FNG worked alongside the customer to determine which of their locations did not have their own IT in house department or resource. We allocated resources for several weeks across each site to ensure that all required tasks were carried out, which included a review of physical and virtual servers, review of workstations, gathering critical application data, build and repair of virtual environments and rebuild of workstations. We assisted all users to ensure that the impact to productivity was as minimal as possible.
  • Once we discussed the requirements that the customer was looking for, we immediately understood the critical nature of the situation the customer was faced with. We worked straight away to align our professionals to this issue.
  • The impact our immediate service has had with the customer has helped strengthen our relationship with them even further. The customer was amazed at the responsiveness of FNG and our commitment to help.