FNG Support A Carribean Defence Force

Project Overview

  • FNG were to asked to help the Barbados Defence Force as their NetApp system suddenly experienced a huge failure. This needed the intervention of an onsite technician for a console session and remote troubleshooting. 
  • The customer quickly approved the remote session, seeking immediate onsite assistance as they encountered difficulties in retrieving logs from their system. This engagement was structured as a time and material job without any specific SLA commitment. FNG efficiently executed the task within the customers designated time frame. Meeting their expectations for a timely resolution.

Support Solutions

  • FNG promptly arranged for two experienced NetApp engineers, with one designated as a backup for the next day to perform diagnostics on the customers server.
  • The customer being a government sector entity required time to secure a work window for the activity. Following our initial visit, the identified replacement material was needed. FNG efficiently share the engineers details and location for shipping the required part, aiming to prevent any delays in the resolution process.
  • The FNG team and our engineers maintained consistent communication with the customer with both remote support and on site dispatch to ensure a seamless flow of information and collaboration. 
  • Our engineer diligently followed the instructions and action plan provided by the customer and the remote support team. The prescribed actions involved swapping out the battery, flash card and memory components to address the issue with the system. Consequently the customers system was successfully brought back online and the activity was concluded with success.
  • Despite the location of the customer FNG effectively managed the situation, ensuring a seamless execution of the task within the stipulated time frame. The activity was completed in a single effort without any delays or escalations.  
  • FNG provided the necessary reports to the customer explaining what else the customer needed to ensure longevity of their systems.