Free IT Audit

Our free IT audit is designed to identify opportunities to increase efficiency, security and ultimately make your IT work harder for you.

How An IT Audit Can Help

An IT audit can help you:

Understand Your Existing Setup & Infrastructure:

Whether you’re part of the IT team or in an unrelated department, knowing how your IT works is key to getting the most out of it. 

Improve Performance:

An audit can help you spot potential issues before the affect your business, from networking connectivity issues, wireless performance, AV and Hardware Installation issues and other things you may not think about.

Improve Cyber Security:

Auditing your IT can help identify loopholes, and vulnerabilities as well as opportunities to strengthen and protect your business.

Plus so much more! 

Request a Free IT Audit

Our Process

1. Review Meeting

A member of the FNG team will meet with you to understand more about your business, your needs, challenges and get an overview of your current setup. During the review meeting we will get an understanding of what is holding you back currently and give an overview of FNG and how we can help.

2. Performance of the Audit

We will then carry out a physical audit of your IT infrastructure and systems, we will then show and explain to you how your systems and infrastructure adhere to current industry standards. We are extremely accurate with our findings and we will ensure that no stone is left unturned!

3. Presentation / Report of Findings
We will then put together a report of our findings and explain this to you, we will cover if there are any shortfalls in your current systems and infrastructure and give you an understanding if there are any potential risks associated with your current systems.  You can make a clear decision from our findings.