ITAD Project In Israel

Project Overview

  • FNG were to asked to help our customer complete a ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) project in Israel.
  • This project involved 2 sites in Israel, with the collection and destruction of materials with the issuance of certificates. The planning process entailed several critical steps including:

Providing Pricing: Developing a comprehensive pricing strategy that aligned with the project’s scope and requirements.

Client Approval: Securing formal approval and agreement from the client on the proposed plan, timeline, and costs.

Transportation and Resource Availability: Ensuring the availability of transportation logistics and required resources for the collection and disposal of IT assets.

Access Confirmation: Confirming access permissions and logistics at the two sites to facilitate the smooth execution of the project.

Engineer Access: Coordinating and obtaining necessary approvals for engineers who were scheduled to visit the sites for asset collection and destruction.

Gate Pass Arrangements: Making arrangements for the issuance of gate passes or necessary permits to facilitate the movement of the transport vehicle to and from the project sites.

  • The customer had established a fixed budget for this project and preferred a single, all inclusive price, rather than opting for hourly rates. This approach was chosen to align with the customer needs and adhere to their requirements effectively.
Sites In Israel
Devices Collected
Hours Taken
Customer Satisfaction

Support Solutions

  • Our partnership with this customer spans a significant duration, marked by numerous successful collaborations on various projects. Over the years, we have consistently proven ourselves as a reliable and dependable partner, fostering a deep sense of trust between our organisations. This history of respect and cooperation has led the customer to trust us with their IT projects. 
    Additionally our competitive edge is underscored by our commitment to provide engineers within the agreed-upon rates, ensuring cost effectiveness without compromising on the quality of service. 
    Furthermore our flexibility in accommodating changes to the customers needs and schedule demonstrates our dedication to meeting the evolving needs and demands of our customer. This holistic approach to our partnership has solidified our position as the go to company for our customer.