L1 FTE Engineer Support

Project Overview

  • Our customer had the requirement of having one L1 FTE to support end users on site at their office in Auburn, Australia.
  • Due to having no available on site engineer to support the company’s end users, the customer found that the level of IT Support tickets internally was increasing which was impacting the businesses productivity from it’s employees.
  • The client needed a L1 engineer to attend regularly on site on specific days of the week to resolve the majority of the IT helpdesk tickets.
  • FNG vetted the engineer before dispatching them to site, to ensure that the qualifications of the engineer met the clients demands and needs.
Qualified L1 FTE Engineer
Office In Australia
Client Satisfaction
End Users Supported

Support Solutions

  • FNG already has a very strong coverage in Australia and have been providing support for different customers for many years. This client had already experienced some of the services offered by FNG in numerous regions and they had total peace of mind that by using FNG they would receive quality service. 
  • The client has been very impressed with the performance of the engineer, their helpdesk tickets have reduced significantly and have become much more manageable. The customer shared the below feedback with us:
“Your engineer has been a very good professional and I have not heard of any concerns or complaints from the local users. She is a consistent performer and the local business appreciates her very much. They have gone out for lunches and they have built a quality rapport and friendship and good working relationship. Please pass on our thanks and again thank you to the whole team at FNG for the quality service you continue to provide.”