Luxembourg Workstation Buildout

Project Overview

  • FNG were contacted to decommission and set up over 60 new workstations in a new office in Luxembourg
  • Our customer wanted to achieve a seamless transition to the new workspace whilst maximising workstation efficiency.
  • The procurement of necessary resources posed challenges due to the fluctuating schedule dates, which remained unfixed, compounded by the substantial demand for a significant number of engineers.
  • The client’s consistent adjustments to the schedule have presented a considerable challenge. In a span of merely 22 days, the client modified the schedule date and time on three separate occasions, leading to unanticipated expenses related to hotel accommodations. Despite incurring these additional costs, we made the decision not to pass them onto the client. Furthermore, in response to the rapidly changing circumstances, we successfully organised the availability of 12-13 engineers at short notice, ensuring their participation in the preparation call.
End Users
New Office Location
Engineering Hours
Customer Satisfaction

Support Solutions

  • We meticulously organised the deployment of the necessary number of engineers in alignment with the client’s specific requirements, while also adhering to their preferred billing module. To ensure a seamless and successful execution, we prioritised the participation of all engineers in a comprehensive preparation call prior to their on-site engagement.
    Recognising the significance of effective communication, we took proactive measures to minimise any potential gaps. To this end, we designated a lead technician who assumed the responsibility of bridging communication divides, thereby fostering a more efficient and cohesive collaboration between all stakeholders involved.
  • Furthermore, our commitment to excellence was underscored by our timely execution of the project. We successfully completed the assigned tasks within the stipulated timeframe, without encountering any delays or escalations. As a result, the client expressed their satisfaction with the delivered work, reinforcing our dedication to providing high-quality service and fostering a positive client experience.