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As a worldwide provider of IT Support Services, FNG has the resources, experience and coverage to provide all your support requirements. From planning installations to plugging gaps in your own IT teams, we have the knowledge, scope and flexibility to work with you to meet your IT operational demands.

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Dedicated FTE resources

With more than 6500 trained and qualified engineers to call upon, we have the manpower available to complement your existing teams. Our 24 x 7 x 365 global support service gives you peace of mind that you can always find a solution to your issues whenever you need it and wherever you are in the world.

IMACD - Installation, Move, Add, Change & Disposal (Data Centre & Office)

When it comes to upgrading your organisation’s computer systems, moving the data centre or undertaking any major IT project or installations, there are numerous challenges to consider. Using your own in-house team to plan, manage, execute and control the project frequently causes inefficiencies due to the impact on their existing responsibilities especially when managing projects over numerous sites.

Critical analysis and project planning of detailed tasks such as these involve many important steps adding complexity and increasing overheads especially for one-off and first-time projects.

Although many projects have similar objectives, each one has it’s own unique challenges which is why are proud to combine the experience of our global team of over 6500 engineers with our proven project services structure.

Summary of IMACD Services


Our global team can assist with planning, design, advising, sourcing, transporting and installing all state of the art audio, visual, lighting and AV projection equipment for your business – be that a meeting or conference room, training institution or live event venue.

OnSite SmartHands Dispatch

Rather than fly your own IT staff out to remote locations, we can provide you with a ‘boots-on-the-ground’, fully qualified, certified IT professional of your choice at several locations at once. By leveraging our network of certified field technicians, your team can remain focused on core activities and centralise essential engineering tasks like design and architecture, enabling you to rapidly scale your implementation across multiple sites simultaneously. We also handle each stage of the process from initial dispatch, checking them in and out and ensuring their levels of qualification meet your needs.


When looking to simplify the operation and management of your network, we can help you reduce costs and improve performance when installing your SD-WAN.

As part of the pre-installation considerations, our highly trained engineers use their knowledge of the network vendor market to help select the most appropriate SD-WAN vendor to work with based on their product’s resilience, quality of service (QoS), security, and performance. 

As well as selecting the correct configuration options during installation our post-installation checklist and troubleshooting experience will ensure your SD-WAN delivers the maximum performance in line with your business requirements. 


To ensure you maximise your system performance, it’s vital to regularly update the key elements of your IT infrastructure. Our team will conduct an initial assessment of your system’s performance and make recommendations as to what needs updating or upgrading and procure and install the right items on your behalf.

Should we identify that any of your equipment has reached the end of its life-cycle we can arrange for replacement items as well as dispose of the old equipment in a manner that is not only safe and responsible but minimises cost and could even provide some financial benefit to you.


The hallmark of FNG is our relentless commitment to perfection when it comes to service and support. Here’s what you can expect when using our Professional Services and what makes FNG unique:

Flexible SLA’s

Unlike many of our competitors, we adapt our service standards according to the requirements of the business – not the other way round

Bi-lingual Support

Our engineers and support staff are all fluent in English as well as their native, local language 

Real-time Ticketing

Our dedicated team of service specialists are available 24/7. As we’re in regular contact with our engineers on-site, we can communicate with them directly while they’re working meaning we can deal with unexpected issues immediately

International Infrastructure

Our head office is in the UK, but our global team of over 6,500 highly trained and qualified engineers together with our regional offices and storage locations allow us to provide a truly worldwide service

Multi-Vendor Support

We offer a complete range of technical skills and service offerings

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We are a global IT service provider delivering 24×7 onsite support and hardware maintenance. Our mission is to go to be Your Global IT Partner to give a superior experience.

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