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Wi-fi is like electricity for business - if it stops working, work stops

What is a Wireless Survey?

A Wi-Fi site survey is an on-premises inspection to understand how your site’s wireless network performs and how to best improve the wireless environment.

Whether carrying out a survey prior to installing a new network or assessing an existing installation, our engineers will work in conjunction with your IT management team to discuss the project objectives, analyse the floor plan and inspect the premises before producing a survey report. 

Our worldwide team of trained and certified engineers will visit the site and undertake an initial onsite Wireless survey. They use specialist tools to accurately scan your wireless environment to collect detailed information. This data allows us to determine: 

  • Sources of radio-frequency interference
  • Levels of wireless coverage throughout the area
  • All signal strengths
  • Any obstacles onsite
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What type of global wireless surveys do FNG carry out?

Active Surveys

When troubleshooting the connection performance of WiFi networks, we connect our Ekahau Sidekick to the network to record the not only the signal strength, but data throughput, RTT and more for the most accurate results. We then analyse the data to give us a complete picture of the wireless network performance.

Passive Surveys

Unlike the Active survey, a Passive survey does not interact with the network. Instead, we scan only the wireless  spectrum to measure the signal strength, noise level and detect any inteferers that may cause dead-spots.

What are the benefits of using FNG for Wi-FI Surveys?

FNG is known not only for using only the most experienced and highly qualified engineers but also for our relentless commitment to perfection when it comes to service and support.

What equipment does FNG use for Wi-FI surveys?

As an approved and trusted partner of Ekahau, we use the Ekahau Sidekick as it is the most accurate Wi-Fi measurement tool on the market. Ekahau is used in over 50% of Fortune 500 companies, including the world’s biggest brands and events like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and the Super Bowl use Ekahau.

It is the most advanced, all-in-one Wi-Fi diagnostic and measurement device on the market, delivering pinpoint accuracy for fast, professional results.

The accuracy of the Sidekick allows our engineers to get the correct results first time, ensuring they are able to calculate the right number of APs in the right location for your design.

Key benefits of Ekahau Sidekick

  • Saves time: All-in-one Wi-Fi diagnostics and measurement make site surveys faster and easier, minimising network deployment time.
  • Lowers costs & improves productivity: Identify, troubleshoot, and simulate Wi-Fi network issues in advance
  • Works across the entire network: All the major AP vendors have standardised on Ekahau.

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